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Complete Description Empire Earth 4 8.0 Version
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:16 | Message # 1
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Worked out, made from scratch 15 epochs of fashion.
Added 100 new models, with a description of the icons.
It is a, for 15 times.
Playable Starn age of 15:
Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Babylon, Egypt, Turkey.

The general idea 15 times:
Each of the countries cooperating with other galactic civilizations, and use their unique
developments in the field of spacecraft. The conflict erupted in the European world with a new
the power of transforming the world in 3.

New types of units in the 15 era:
Light, medium and heavy fighters.
The fighter with missiles
Fighters are able to capture enemy ships
Strike fighter effective against ground targets
Medical fighters
Fighters with a shield of
Fighters with nuclear weapons
Fighters with chemical weapons
Fighters with a flamethrower
Fighters - rams
In reality, the invisible fighter
gunboat support
Gunboats bombers
Gunboats to the plasma gun
Battleships support
Battleships - transports
Battleships missile
Battleships support
Also, different types of lanspeder and helicopters,
different types of man-made ground tanks, APCs and rovers.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:17 | Message # 2
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Added new ground, naval and air units in the period 11-14.
Added 400 new units, with descriptions and icons.
As a result of equalization of the balance between staranmi.
Virtually all countries in the 11-14 age became playable,
however, they still differ greatly in strength.
Weak countries sleduyuet perceived as hardcore, passage of which is difficult.
Replaced equipment on many models are better.
Added the ability to hire nearly all available techniques in the game:
Additional equipment, which does not fit into standard industrial buildings,
look in the barracks and hangars

An important and fundamentally new units:

First World.
Russian and Americans added better tanks.
U.S. may employ aviation.
In France appeared bomber.
All countries can employ conventional guns.
Russian Cossacks are hiring.
Many countries have armadillos
France received a new bomber and fighter
In Austria-Hungary appears bronevatomobil

The Second World
All countries have anti-tank gun.
England has a diverse line of tanks, including tanks appeared and cord.
In England there sau: tank destroyers, and howitzers
In England appeared torpedo-plane
In England appeared bomber - Lancaster
In Russia there is a full line of Nassau in a series of CS and MIS
Replaced the model Katyushas, ​​t3476, su76, su85 to better
In Russia there were a variety of armored vehicles.
Russia has replaced a number of model airplanes
Russia has appeared IS3
In Germany, new self-propelled guns and fighter jets.
In the German battleship Bismarck finally had
In Germany, there were variations in the middle of the tank PZ4
Germany has appeared six-MLRs (analog gun Katyusha)
Germany has emerged the legendary bomber Ju87 Thing
In France there are many new tanks, including medium and heavy
In France there sau
In France there were bombers
In Italy, new tanks (light and medium)
In Italy, new ACS (including self-propelled howitzers)
In Greece there was a tank and the Nassau line - a collective image of technology of third countries of World.
Greece has greatly increased range of aircraft
In America there was an improved version of the Sherman - Fayerflay
In America there was rocket artillery - Sherman Kaliopi
In America there are many new sau, including the powerful self-propelled howitzers.
China has emerged Tacna, a sauna and a plane
Added to the tanks and in some cases, planes Seconded countries: Iraq, Turkey, etc.

Cold war
Power can build anti-submarine ships and heavy nuclear missile cruiser.
The Soviet Union BTR new tanks and new models
The Soviet Union appears SA8 - a unique complex of anti-aircraft
having a stupendous range of fire and the option attack.
The Soviet Union greatly expanded range of aircraft, including fighter and attack aircraft appear 1-2 generations.
In the USSR there is a large anti-submarine aircraft.
The Soviet Union appears similar to an American reconnaissance aircraft and protivoelektronnoy struggle.
In all countries there are self-propelled howitzers.
The range of many minor European countries are not expanded
Germany, Britain and France have their own helicopters
Soviet and U.S. helicopters have antiship
Italy, France, Germany and England were 1-2 generations fighters
France was an early fighter Mirage
England received a Vulcan bomber
U.S. anti-submarine aircraft has the Orion
United States has superfast high-altitude bomber Blackbird

The new model is a good Abrams
England can hire MBT Challenger
In Russia there was an effective air defense Shilka
Russia has a new anti-ship helicopter Ka27
The U.S. helicopter appeared a new generation of
In the U.S. There is a new stealth aircraft

And a lot of other models for the equation of balance.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:17 | Message # 3
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Made line of ships for 6-10 ages.
Added 400 new units, with descriptions and icons.
Made for the ships of 6.10 au era.
Ships countries are: Russia, France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Greece.
In the game there were steam ships
Now you can capture boarding ships
Time dependent ottipa boarding the ship, the maximum for the marque, the minimum for military transport.
Boarding time is approximately 20 to 100 seconds. While boarding your ship can not fire,
and ship enemy can. The ship of the enemy can run away from boarding popytatsya you ever erants
maintain a minimum distance with him or hold him to the shore / other vehicles
boarding the ship can not take

The main types of ships:
Battle: galleass galleon ship battleship
Raider: Privateer Frigate hebeka
Military transport caravel carrack bark

Lines of evolution of ships in vogue:
galleass -> Galleon -> Battleship -> Steamboat
hebeka -> Frigate
Caravel -> carrack -> bark
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:18 | Message # 4
Group: Administrators
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Changed all videos.
See introductory viderolikov - remember our favorite old games.
The ideas in fashion come from these games.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:19 | Message # 5
Group: Administrators
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New ground textures.
Now, instead of the dry climate (a climate similar to the trails)
The deserts will be in the game! Desert will be automatically generated when selecting maps - arid.

Also changed:
in temperate climates have the texture of the dirty ground (almost black)
in the tropical - brown
in zasuushlevom - the color of pale yellow marsh

in the temperate mountains have snow all year round and shabku rocky slopes of the texture
in the tropical - gray-green, covered with vegetation
in the dry - look like sand dunes

The bottom of the river consists of a small stone

Seas and Oceans
In the arid tropics and the sea is blue-green hue of the reef Karalova
in a climate of deep umernom the blue color
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:21 | Message # 6
Group: Administrators
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Added new non-military units and changed the old:
Spy - Removed ability to disinfect and return (it is given kontrazvedchiku)
I Spy appeared 3 new abilities (each is lower than the original)
A spy for the people of another country, you can now see all the units of this type of another country
for 20 minutes, both civilian and military purposes. Handy thing to control the movements of the enemy /
neutral army and the search for survivors of workers
Sabotage 2 technology. You can sabotage the enemy's equipment (and humans too) for a long time,
thus sabotaged unit will not be able to do anything except peredvigatsya (buttons on the unit have become inactive)
Effective vesh sbaotirovaniya for very large guns, howitzers from the enemy.
3 Infection of humans. Valid for a long time, while he is not infected die (you can only infect a desktop)
but carries the infection from which all who are close to dying workers. It is much more effective than the mountains to infect the center. -
working under the control of companies will run throughout the state are constantly spreading the plague to the proud and causing mass effect of the epidemic.

Also, the usual effect of espionage last 20 minutes.
Resulting from an act of espionage is very useful - you'll know about another country
the size of its army, the number of military buildings, the number of spies and priests, and others (see below)
Common effects of contamination and sabotage are also considerably strengthened, now does not make sense to wait
while the effect of the enemy: a spy disappears by itself, and will be sent kontrazvedchika.

The effect of the blessing of the priest extended, strengthened and increased its radius.
This makes the priest's very useful in the early ages.

Kontrazvedchik fights with enemy agents, he is able to detect and destroy themselves.
It also eliminates the effects of hostile actions of agents - restore the building and cure of infection

Engineers building the city's neighborhoods and a variety of military Strengthening of the: machine-gun nest, dot, dot reinforced, bunker,
Spiral Bruno, anti zagrozhdeniya. Two new powerful defensive structures.
The construction of field fortifications more effectively in the first world - where the attack tanks and artillery are not strong dostatono

lectures around the universities and churches - which leads to an acceleration of scientific progress, as only a scholar can
establish a library and Hadron Collaider

Wandering Monks
- Teach - running from house to house foreign countries, while bringing a lot of tehochkov.

Higher spiritual person in the Pope, has the ability
1neuyazvimosti for any building,
2 churches donations (instantly transforms an enemy building on its side),
3 message (fire and maneuver) 4 inspiring

Special Forces Military Intelligence
A specialized unit, armed with heavy machine gun, capable to perform acts of sabotage,
EMI to arrange, to organize a smokescreen in the case of injury,
able to walk the forests, mountains, rivers, and oceans. Business unit is not visible for all but the spies and outposts.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:21 | Message # 7
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Added 18 small game scenarios for diversity.
Scenarios are not proskriptovannye, their description can be found in the campaign menu, and they run from the "separate incident"
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:22 | Message # 8
Group: Administrators
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Work has begun on the design of the game encyclopaedia:
Created section includes all combat units from 6 to 15 times.
Now you can not create a script to compare the appearance, performance characteristics, cost units.
Can you see the line of a certain age, and read beautifully written description of units.
All are conveniently grouped.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:23 | Message # 9
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In RoN was comfortable, very versatile game statistics. It really made stretgiyu strategy can be a real
time to learn about various aspects of the game and its gameplay foreign countries.
In EE2 during the game there is no such statistics, it appears later. Points crowns give only very approximate statistics
and, in general, nothing specific. Correct this is not wealth itself that I decided to:
Take advantage of spying for the mountains of the center of another country and the crown on the menu, you can find out detailed information about the opponent:
Crown Points have been revised and now show the following:
Crown Points - 5 digit number that can be represented as hhuuu (12345)
xx (12) - specify a single parameter, such as the number of enemy spies - 12
yyy (345) - define another parameter, such as the number of units of the enemy - 345 units

Now the details, which the crown is responsible for what:

Military crown

xx The first two digits: the number of military buildings (1 point - a building). Allows you to power a military-industrial complex of the enemy.
yyy - the last three numbers: how many military units in the country (1 point - 1 unit). Makes it very size of the army of the enemy.

9 - buildings, 69 - military units.

Economic crown

xx The first two digits: the total number of territories occupied Player (1 point - a territory). Sometimes it is not clear, but in reality, the territories of the enemy.
yyy - the last three numbers: the total amount of resources the player meeting (1 point - 100 resources) (MAXIMUM 99 999 RESOURCES MAY SHOW - 999 points).
Helps to assess the potential of the economy of the enemy.

12 - Territories, 5500 - sumarnoe number of collected resources.

Political crown

xx The first two digits: the total number of cultural units: spies, sveschennikov, doctors, engineers, merchants, etc. (1 point - 1 unit) as 99,
yyy - the last three numbers: the total number of players in the population (military + civilian) (1 point - 1 unit) 999 as shown

15 - Cultural units, 555 total units at the player.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:24 | Message # 10
Group: Administrators
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Transitions are made for periods in new ways.
Too rapid a transition to periods do not allow the hook into game balance and tactics in each period,
get something like a gallop through the ages, where the first place there is not a tactic, a rapid transition to a more powerful era.
Now the players are in the same period povoyuyut enough time, and then move to another.
2 is too strongly influenced by the experience of players in the transition rate for ages. An experienced player can easily go to the next era
whereas the novice will be hopelessly behind - and always lose. In the fashion transition from one epoch
the other gives a stupendous advantages, much more than originalnyo game and a long lag period of 1-2 is now ruinous.
Three computer players, even at the level of the emperor goes to ages very slowly. Onsovnaya the reason he is building a very small university and temples.
And fix it unfortunately can not at this time. As a result, people are always ahead of the age of 1-2 companies in the game
(If built early in the game more than two churches, or university)
Now the highlight of determining the transition time is not the number of those points and not directly the very time of transition.
It is strictly regulated = 25 minutes. And change it in the game is not possible. this leads to the players and PC players around the same time
moving from one era to another. At each epoch takes about 30 minutes. The interest in the speedy transition to a different era but remains ahead of
rivals can not more than 10 minutes. Otstavnvanie computer of the player from 0 to 6 minutes.
The cost of the study and those points - symbolic 1 and 2. Tehochki need more specialized production units.
The rate of production themselves tehochkov reduced by 3 times compared with the original game.

Converted into modes of game titles

In the Russian version of the full Russian voice

Removed the old campaigns, videos and more - that increased the size of the fashion and it was useless
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:25 | Message # 11
Group: Administrators
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As a result of testing have been identified and made the following corrections:

crashes associated with dynamic lighting settings. The dynamic lighting is disabled.
crashes and problems with the campaigns. Campaigns are not supported. Campaigns are cut from the game.
problems with the original versions of the game for the fashion - now have a full version of the mod is already finished with the game.
The reason for the bug with the transition period fixed at 15
Now the computer on maps like the sea is gaining ground troops.
Made maritime au for 6-10 ages. Marine au left for 11-14 original (PC employs a standard set).
Fixed a problem with the rapid transitions of eras - put transition time 25 minutes
Fixed a problem in the History lag companies - companies are now lagging behind in the advanced ages of the players is 3-5 minutes
Improvements in many of the original model vehicles such as Abrams, T34 with a crescent moon, pz2 with the star, su76, catfish and others.
Added many models such as the Tunguska, Challenger tanks, aircraft carrier, blacksmiths and others.
The work against the lag - by reducing the maximum game settings.

1.11 trebuchety eras in the middle too accurate (not a problem for such a colossus to get into the whole field in a two foot soldiers ..) Corrected by reducing the attack.
2.11 forts do not have to attack units and equipment, attack only the arrows of the building (not realistic in real life attacked by all)
Do not corrected. So it was in the original game, it is mended sieges. towers of the huge bonuses against buildings. Correction will reduce the effectiveness of e bonuses Institute towers against the buildings, thus making them useless.

3.11 the farmer does not produce its own unique culture
Fixed that. All farmers and gardeners are now equally well extract food from plants. Although it was initially planned somewhat differently.

11.4 Manager of the Middle Ages at the University of
Fixed the manager is only available from the 11th century

5.11 a carpenter in 6th century has buildings (no economic, no)
Carpenter from the 10 th century furniture shop produces. I corrected by placing 8th century. Tested

6.11 12th century Japan. For the production of enriched uranium required sau

effective range of a trebuchet to install.
effective range of a set bombards.
dead zone bombards, mortars, guns, big guns, howitzers, trebushtov, mangoneley uevlichit.
Reduce the life of the artillery and siege weapons to 100-150.

11.8 AD 12 era truck fires projectiles (is set with the same gun attack air targets so realistic)
amended, made tracers

11.9 The artillery and siege weapons pop 10 or 20. To reduce the imbalance

11.10 Standard guns in the 11th century are not recruited
Fixed the limitation of production to move to the standard gun of the 11th century at 12.

underwater nuclear submarine at the age 13 can beat only for water purposes while shooting missiles (when hit by damage to ground targets 0
Fixed that. ATP ilih1997g for solving the problem.

10th era noticed that for some reason in this era of anti-aircraft gun was made available
So it was in the original game - to equalize the balance.

Another computer-chief of the island on the map behaves at the level of the peasant. And from epoch to epoch, he hardly goes
Fixed that. PC cards on the islands behave appropriately.

NN Correct and level the balance of transition between epochs

ugly icons professionally employees are now fixed

age of 12 anti-tank gun with the added option attack in 1000

to make the units themselves came into the building noyve Economy

problem with the automatic entry of workers into the newly constructed building of the new economic-has not been solved.
Do not know where this function is prescribed.

The effectiveness of the manager is left at the same level, but increased its value.
Now included in the price of those 15 points. Also, the manager of pop = 15, and it is available only with 11 times.
The extreme increase in the rate of production of military units (at 3-4 managers) are now offset by a reduction
the potential size of the army in the 45-60 Warriors.
OPEJIDate: Saturday, 31.03.2012, 13:26 | Message # 12
Group: Administrators
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The creators of Empire Earth 4 (Mod):

The core team:

Author of the idea,
program code,
adaptation of models
balance -

Adapting the model
program code -

English text -

Russian text. description -

Additional assistance:

Program code,
balance -

ideas -

maps -
LeVon Levoni

The original patch the game -

Promotion of the project -
OPEJI or ilih1997g

A team of testers:
Ivan12345 @

Special thanks to:

The mod is used:

Models of the authors of the site Civfanatics.com
Models of the mods for Rome Total War:
Ogniem i Mieczem
All models belong to their owners,
EE4 not kommerchkesky project and not
benefits from the use of models.
You may not use or Sell Now
the commercial model of the fashion.
Full list of sponsors of models is being prepared.

In the fashion used patch
Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy - Unofficial patch 1.1
spriterfightDate: Saturday, 16.08.2014, 21:15 | Message # 13
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Hello many units ctd the game please fix this.
slowthinker84Date: Sunday, 03.07.2022, 22:40 | Message # 14
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This looks like a heck of a lot of content, sounds like you're working hard and doing a great job.
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