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Empire Earth 4 Mod is a global modification to the game Empire Earth 2 - The Art of Supremacy, in terms of scale - almost a new game in the famous Empire Earth strategy series. Countries have their own sets of units, transitions by epochs change the methods of warfare. Advanced economy, crafts, RPG elements, non-combat endings, advanced espionage and much more. But, perhaps, the main thing is the atmosphere of alternating historical eras, equipped with colorful music, reliable models of soldiers and equipment.

The latest version of the mod is 9.02 (English) 
and 9.6.0 (Russian). The mod periodically updated.

Download the English 9.02 Version of the Mod Empire Earth IV

Download the Russian 9.6.0 Version of the Mod Empire Earth IV.




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Detailed description



Empire Earth 4 MoD is being developed by one person. Unfortunately, there is less and less free time, for the most part only for the release of patches.

If you have a great desire, opportunity and interest, if you are not indifferent to Empire Earth II and the entire strategic series of EE, then you can join the development team, I will be very glad.

Empire Earth 4 is an unfinished thing. Yes it is, however, it is still a playable thing, both in single player and in multiplayer. Much has not been brought to mind, but, nevertheless, a lot is working as it should, and some features of the gameplay are unique not only for the EE series, but in general for games of this genre. As, for example, completely unique units for many countries in different eras, or large technology trees with gradually opening units for different countries in different eras.

Help is needed in many areas:

1 Development

Editing texts, searching for bugs, imbalance, creating an English version (and thus reaching a global audience), revision of 3d models, etc.

2 Media support

Maintaining VK, discord, youtube, sites, game forums, etc.

3 Explanatory material.

Most of the game mechanics in EE4 have never been explained at the proper level or have not been described at all. There are no video materials showing the development in EE4 (fundamentally different from EE2). There are very few materials explaining the new role-playing system of units, the economic system and updated research.

Not indifferent players, please find me on the server https://discord.gg/cuVwjHr

Regards, RGV1