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Empire Earth 4 Mod is a global modification to the game Empire Earth 2 - The Art of Supremacy, in terms of scale - almost a new game in the famous Empire Earth strategy series. Countries have their own sets of units, transitions by epochs change the methods of warfare. Advanced economy, crafts, RPG elements, non-combat endings, advanced espionage and much more. But, perhaps, the main thing is the atmosphere of alternating historical eras, equipped with colorful music, reliable models of soldiers and equipment.

The latest version of the mod is 9.8.0 (English) 
and 9.8.0 (Russian). The mod periodically updated.



EE4 9.8.0 + 1.5 English
Version with support for the 1.5 patch Dr. MonaLisa with all the bonuses that the patch gives. The main thing is fewer problems with new ones.
operating systems and the ability to play multiplayer on Dr.MonaLisa servers


EE4 9.8.0 English - developer version
(Developer version without patch 1.5 - probably the oldest computers will have more fps)


A detailed description in the topic: https://vk.com/topic-51051367_48020000




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Detailed description



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